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Big Companies Doing it again. Tracy Morgan: I can’t believe Walmart is blaming me

(CNN) — Walmart’s response Monday to a lawsuit filed by Tracy Morgan over the car crash that left him in critical condition elicited a response of its own on Tuesday from the recovering comedian — and it doesn’t sound like he’s laughing.

“I can’t believe Walmart is blaming me for an accident that they caused,” the former “Saturday Night Live” star said in a statement. Read More Here:

Justice Delayed? Tracy Morgan Attorneys Slam Crash Driver’s ‘Inappropriate’ Request For Trial Freeze In New Court Documents

Kevin Roper crashed his truck into a limo van carrying Tracy Morgan, seriously injuring several passengers and killing one, the trucker is now being accused of attempting to keep the survivors from receiving has learned that attorney for Morgan have slammed Roper’s “inappropriate” attempt to stay discovery in their civil suit against Wal-Mart, and have asked a judge to deny the motion.

On June 7, 2014, the truck driven by Roper slammed into the rear of theMercedes Benz Sprinter occupied by Morgan and friends Ardie Fuqua, and assistant Jeff Millea, the documents state. The trio filed a civil suit against Wal-Mart in July. Read More Here:

Wrongful Death- $3.88 Million Verdict

A New London Jury tells UPS that its Defense was worthless by finding UPS 100% responsible and determining the UPS driver was not just negligent, he was reckless.  UPS rigorously defended the case by claiming that George Upton made a sudden lane change from left to right just fifty feet in front of the UPS tractor trailer.  UPS alleged that Upton was careless, reckless and acted with intent.Kevin C. Ferry, from the Law Office of Kevin C. Ferry, LLC represented the Plaintiff, Gary Upton Birkamshaw, Administrator of George Upton’s Estate and George Upton’s widow, Julie Upton.  Stephen M. Reck from the Law Firm of Stephen M. Reck, LLC was Plaintiff’s co-counsel.UPS has an army of trucks on roads all over the world.  The company is dominant in its field and widely regarded as a very well run company with safe drivers.  The problem is the company seems blinded by its success and reputation.  UPS rarely, if ever, as far as our research revealed, will accept full responsibility when the evidence clearly reveals UPS Driver negligence.  It appears this company has a tightly written script that it follows in every serious truck crash case.  That script starts with UPS marshalling all its resources and hired guns to immediately start building a defense case.  In our case, UPS had an engineer from Colorado at the crash scene within hours of the tragedy.  UPS spent over $80,000.00 on engineers from Kineticorp to build a case against George Upton.In taking Stephen Fenton’s (principal of Kineticorp) deposition in Philadelphia at Ansa Assuncao, LLP, as much as thirty minutes was wasted with Mr. Fenton refusing to answer simple questions and attacking, rather than responding.  At the end of four hours, it was clear that Mr. Fenton would stretch his testimony as far as possible to help his number one or two client, UPS.  We learned that Mr. Fenton’s firm earns roughly ten percent of its income working for UPS (up to $500,000.00 per year).  At Trial, we were able to educate the trial judge in how shoddy and fabricated Mr. Fenton’s testimony was.  Ultimately, the trial judge instructed the jury to give no credit to any part of Fenton’s testimony, which identified any scientific or physical evidence of a lane change by Mr. Upton.  We had requested that Fenton’s entire testimony be stricken, but UPS urged that ruling would go too far and would significantly impact Mr. Fenton’s ability to make a living. 

UPS hired a so-called expert who was going to testify that truck drivers die at age 62 and therefore our claim that George Upton was planning to work until age 66 was wrong.  It turns out, that UPS “expert”, Gregory Cowhey relied on a blog for his research and our expert, Stephen Shapiro, Ph.D. from Analytic Resources couldn’t find the blog.  When we pointed this out to the trial judge, the UPS Attorney quickly informed everyone that the “expert” was not available to testify.

In the end, the Jury heard from friends, co-workers and family of George Upton about George’s happy and secure life he built for himself and his family.  The Jury awarded damages in the amount of 3.88 million dollars.

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